Launching Neural Bikes API 2019-11-08 × 

For a long time I wanted to make all the data that Neural Bikes uses. The time has come. The Neural Bikes project is a neural network based system to predict bike sharing availability based on previous data.

To make the data I use in my app available to the public I've made an API. It lets the user query two endpoints and get the prediction values for the day and the accumulated daily availability,

If you want to be a bit more specific and only query for a single station it's also possible for both endpoints,

To query for individual stations use the name without the prepended id, for stations that have spaces use the percent encoding, SAN%20PEDRO.

Currently the API is only available for Bilbao, the plan is to release more cities before the year's end after training and testing the models.

The data, predictions and API are a project of mine. This is not related in any way to Bilbao's council nor the service supplier.

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